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Get your music mixed by RPM with this online service which enables anyone, anywhere in the world, to have their music mixed professionally, without leaving the comfort of their home.




This online mixing service offers a more accessible alternative to attending a session.

iMixing provides musicians and producers from all over the world, with the engineering expertise that RPM has acquired, from years of working with some of the industries best and most influential artists and producers.

In simplistic terms, the aim of mixing is to create the best possible listening experience while accurately conveying the feeling and message of a song. Mixing is the combination of all the elements within a song, to create a final master mix.


Having a professional mix of your song will help create a pleasing balance between the levels of volume, frequency, depth and stereo-imaging, providing a digestible sound to the listener.

A good quality mix will tie up the relationship of arrangements, instruments and perspective in the song.

+ Can you explain the mixing process?

The mixing process involves several, often complex stages but in it's basic form, mixing entails :

Balancing the volume of individual elements and using automation to alter levels while transitioning between various sections of the song.

Using panning to position elements within the stereo field.

Using EQ to control the frequency content of different individual elements so as to compliment each other together when listening in context.

Compression and limiting are used to control the dynamic range of instruments.

Effects such as reverb, delay, chorus and distortion are used to add depth and clarity.


RPM accepts WAV or AIFF files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz; 16,24 or 32 bit.

Where appropriate, please supply mono or stereo files, clearly named and without audio clipping.

Please refrain from using £$“ % / ,. ?! or any other special characters in your track and project name as this can cause problems.

Please ensure you bounce all audio files from the same start point for synchronisation purposes. (For example, bar 1, beat 1 or a timecode start of 01:00:00:00.)

All files must be of the same duration, sample rate and bit depth.

Please provide tempo/meter information or include a midi tempo track.

Any FX that are integral to the track or any given instrument’s overall sound (eg. filter sweeps or time-based panning etc.) should be bounced as part of the track ready for mixing.

Sorry, but RPM cannot accept DAW sessions at this time.

+ Is editing and tuning included?

Please ensure the multi-tracks provided are ready for mixing as both editing and tuning can be quite time consuming.

Small amounts of editing and tuning will be catered for.

However, if the amount of editing or tuning will seriously intrude on mix time you will be informed.

Large amounts of editing and tuning will be charged for and will delay turnaround time.


Send your files via WeTransfer, Dropbox or an FTP server.


All our iMixing packages offer two revisions.

A revision is a small number of minor tweaks to levels and elements within the mix, e.g. “bring the volume of the lead vocal down’’ or “the electric guitar is too heavy”.

We strongly recommend that you provide a reference mix and as much written instruction as possible before submitting the files for iMixing so as to ensure the direction of the mix is as desired.

Please be aware, a large number of tweaks will be treated as a new job, not a revision. Two mix revisions are included in the price, and must be requested within a reasonable amount of time, after the delivery of your mix. Any requests for any further mix revisions after this will be charged for.

+ What will I recieve?

Upon completion of the mix, you will be supplied with :

  • 1 x Limited ‘listening’ copy of track at 44.1 / 16bit
  • 1 x Unlimited mix master at original sample rate and bit depth
  • 1 x Unlimited backing track at original sample rate and bit depth
  • 1 x Unlimited Instrumental track at original sample rate and bit depth
  • 1 x Unlimited a cappella track at original sample rate and bit depth

+ What are stems and is it possible to recieve them too?

Stems are elements of a final mix that have been isolated as their own stereo mix, such as Drum Stem, Bass Stem, Piano Stem, Strings Stem, etc.

Artists often use these stems for remixing, mastering or live playback purposes.

Additional stems can be provided but will incur an extra charge, depending on the stem count requested and time required to do so.

Please provide a detailed stem list request with your session files.

+ How do I download my tracks?

Unless otherwise specified, your finished files will be returned via WeTransfer, Dropbox, an FTP server or the same method used when sending to RPM.


Please contact RPM directly via the contact page.